Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation has completed the construction of its second elevated water tank in Bartonville.  The tank has been raised to its final height, a logo and graphics from the Town of Bartonville have been added, and it is now in production.







We have been made aware of an email campaign from DOXO, titled “doxoDIRECT Agreement and Enrollment form”. They are aggressively asking for you to complete a pre-filled form with our information and requesting our banking information so that they can deposit payments into your account rather than send a check.  This payment program is not part of our operations nor part of a Bill Pay program at your bank.

We recommend that you DO NOT give them this information. By doing so, you are agreeing to sign a contract with them for their merchant services.

In the past, we have received many inquiries regarding payments that customers said they made, but not through our Online Bill Pay integrated payment system nor through a bank’s payment program.  After a good amount of research, we found that DOXO set up a payment page for our utility without our knowledge and a check would eventually arrive for that customer’s payment.  In the meantime, many accounts went past due or the meter was even locked while we waited for the payment.  Our online payment program and your bank’s payment programs are safe, secure ways to ensure payment is made timely.

Get to Know Your Sprinklers and Lawn this Spring

Virtual Classes by Upper Trinity Regional Water District to Help Homeowners Reduce Outdoor Watering for a Sustainable Landscape

March 29, 2022 – Lewisville, TX:  Spring has arrived, and many residents are preparing their landscape for the growing season – – improving their soil, selecting plants to install, fertilizing turfgrass and checking the sprinkler system. For those who are first-time homeowners or are new to Texas, knowing how to operate their sprinklers and care for lawns effectively is not an easy task.

To help residents, Upper Trinity Regional Water District is hosting a series of virtual classes on how to care for turfgrass lawns and how to operate and maintain sprinklers to prevent wasting water and to save money.  These virtual classes will start at 6:30 pm and be taught by experts from Rooted In and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Dallas.

More information and registration for each virtual class can be found on Upper Trinity’s website at  The virtual classes are:

  • May 17: What’s New in Irrigation Technology?

In addition to the virtual classes, Upper Trinity is coordinating with local partners to host an in-person irrigation class, “Getting to Know Your Sprinklers,” in multiple locations. Class dates set for this include June 14 at the Flower Mound Library and June 28 at the Global Spheres Center in Corinth.  Registration for these classes and additional classes that may be scheduled can be found at  Registration is free but spots are limited, so residents are encouraged to sign up quickly.

Residents looking for additional resources to help reduce outdoor water use should subscribe to, which provides weekly lawn watering runtime recommendations based on local weather data in their area.  Find videos and other resources on the Upper Trinity website at or call 972-219-1228.


  1. Call Cross Timbers Water Supply office for more information – 940-584-0780.
  2. Open outside hose bib/connection closest to the water meter and leave open until water is back in service.
  3. Open and let cold water run in all bathtubs until clear.  This is to flush interior water lines of the home.
  4. Call Cross Timbers Water Supply office before calling a plumber if any water quality problems continue after water is back in service.

The Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation Consumer Confidence Report (Water Quality Report) is now available on this site.


HOW WATER IS USED IN YOUR HOUSE – The picture below shows how a typical home uses water.

WATER EFFICIENT LAWN AND GARDEN CARE FOR NORTH TEXAS – As we come into the warm spring and summer months, gardens and lawns begin to get our attention.  The link below provided by Texas A&M AgriLife, Water University, and your water providers identifies some of the plants to use, the best way to plant, how to irrigate, and how to program that irrigation controller hanging on the wall in our garage.  Check it out for the many ways to improve the landscape around your home and how to best use water to keep those plants and trees growing.

Plants, Planting, Watering & Controlling

NEW BILLING FEATURE AVAILABLE – Paperless billing is now available for your use. If you select this, you will receive notice via email, text message or both when your bill is prepared. In addition, you will receive reminder notices prior to the due date of the 25th of the month advising you your bill is due shortly. Over 1,600 of your fellow Members now have the convenience of receiving their bills this way. Won’t you join them? More information is available under the Pay Your Bill Online icon.

Some of the many benefits of online bill payment:

  • FAST – Electronic payments post to your account immediately. You can see the payment applied against your account in seconds.
  • CONVENIENCE – Eliminate stamps, writing checks, and sealing envelopes. No need to worry about checks being lost in the mail or being delivered late.
  • EMAIL ALERTS – By signing up for paperless billing, you receive notices via text or email. You know when your bill is ready to view and when it’s time to pay.
  • VIEW ONLINE PAYMENT ACTIVITY – Your payment and billing history is available when you need it.  Details for each bill are available online and for the past four years for comparative purposes.
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  • PAYMENTS ALWAYS ARRIVE ON TIME – There are no mail delays, and the payment status is more accurate.

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Please note that the “Doxo”  web site is not affiliated in any way with Cross Timbers Water for making payments.  Cross Timbers Water cannot guarantee that any payments made through the Doxo site will be credited to your account before they are due.  Please use the “Pay Your Bill Online” box above to make payments and ensure your payment will be received and credited to your account correctly.

Latest News

  • The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors is on July 18, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at its office at 2032 E Hickory Hill Rd, Argyle, TX.
  • Our latest Water Quality Report has been posted.  Click on the Water Quality Reports box above to see our 2021 report.
  • Conservation Tips & Identifying Water Leaks – See Other News under Reports and News for these and other topics of interest
  • A Landowner’s Bill of Rights has been added under the Other News Tab
  • Irrigation System Leaks Video.  Upper Trinity Regional Water District released a new video last week, “How to Find Leaks in Your Sprinkler System,” featuring Licensed Irrigator Michael Mueller, who conducts the irrigation checkups for UTRWD. He points out different parts of the sprinkler system for residents to check for leaks, especially after the freezing weather in February.  Please share as you see most appropriate.
  • Are you having trouble with your sprinkler system? The Upper Trinity Regional Water District, in partnership with Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation, are offering FREE Irrigation System Check-Ups for homeowners! As part of the voluntary program, a licensed irrigator will perform a check-up of the system and identify potential problems, such as a broken or misaligned sprinkler heads and improper controller settings.During the check-up, the irrigator will discuss proper irrigation system maintenance and controller operation and efficient watering habits, as well as provide a written report with suggested repairs and an estimated water savings amount to the homeowner.  The number of check-ups is limited.  Please fill out the online request form at to request a check-up. If you qualify, the licensed irrigator will contact you to schedule the check-up. For more information on saving water outdoors, visit
  • Check your irrigation system for leaks.  Go through the stations and run each one for a minute to see if you have broken sprinkler heads or areas where no sprinkling occurs indicating a broken pipe underground.  Shut your sprinkler system off for 2-3 days if rain is anticipated or rain has occurred.  Lawns sprinkled twice a week will survive better than a lawn sprinkled every day.
  • Virtual Classes Help Homeowners Create Sustainable Landscape and Reduce Outdoor Watering Get help with your landscape this Spring      Many residents will soon begin working to prepare their landscape for the growing season, improving their soil, selecting plants to install, fertilizing turfgrass and checking the sprinkler system. For those who are first-time homeowners or are new to Texas, knowing the best way to create and manage a sustainable landscape may not be an easy task.  To help residents, Upper Trinity Regional Water District, Keep Lewisville Beautiful and the City of Lewisville are hosting a series of virtual classes on soil and plant care and efficient sprinkler system usage.  These virtual classes will be taught by experts from the Denton County Master Gardener Association, Native Plant Society of Texas, Rooted In, and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.The classes will be hosted online from 12 – 1 pm beginning Wednesday, March 10, and every Wednesday until April 7.  Residents need to register online at

What is Your Water IQ?