History – The Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation began operation in 1965 with 139 connections as a Non-Profit Corporation established to serve as a public entity to provide a central water system.  It was originally known as Bartonville Water Supply Corporation and recently changed its name to reflect the territories it serves.  For many years it operated with a series of wells that provided water to the territory it served.  By 1996 the customer base had grown to the point where an elevated tank was needed to supply a continuous and adequate supply of water to its Members.  At that time water for fire fighting was made available to the surrounding towns and growth in the area continued to add new Members to the system.  A second elevated water tank was added in 2020 to meet the growth occurring in the area.  The Corporation currently carries no debt.

Location – The Corporation’s territory covers approximately 20 square miles of service area in South Central Denton County. Water service is provided to most areas in the communities of Bartonville, Double Oak, and Copper Canyon. Service is also provided to portions of Highland Village, Flower Mound and the Unincorporated Areas of Denton County. Click here for a map to the Service Area.

Today – The Corporation currently provides water service to approximately 2,635 connections in Denton County. Although growth trends slowed during the late 2000’s, the service area is again rapidly developing with new and proposed residential subdivisions in most areas of the system. Cross Timbers Water has also committed to provide future water service to lots under development, vacant commercial space, and new developments.  Based on 2010 census data information, population densities within the service area are currently at 6,300 and are estimated to increase to 9,600 by the year 2020.  We are awaiting 2020 census figures to update this information.

Since 2000, over $17.5 million dollars have been spent on system improvements. Some of these include:

  • Stonewood Well and Pump Station Reconstruction – Bartonville Area
  • Copper Hill Pump Station Reconstruction – Copper Canyon Area
  • Completed Stargate Well, Pump Station and Disinfection Facility – Bartonville Area
  • Established Emergency Inter-Connect with Denton County Development District #7 (Lantana)
  • Established Emergency Inter-Connect with Argyle Water Supply Corporation
  • Chinn Chapel & Jernigan Well Upgrades – Copper Canyon Area
  • Upgraded Water Line Capacities – Double Oak, Copper Canyon, Unincorporated Denton County Areas
  • Installed Electronic Meter Reading Capability Throughout CCN Territory
  • Implemented Electronic On Line Accounts and Payment Features Through a Web Site
  • Extended and Upgraded 14 miles of Distribution Lines Throughout CCN Territory
  • Installation of SCADA – A Centralized System to Monitor & Control the Operating Equipment, Wells, and Storage Tanks
  • Completed second elevated water tank on Stargate site adding 750,000 gallons of elevated water storage (August 2020)
  • Replaced 8,000 feet of 1960’s water line and added additional fire protection (fire hydrants) (December 2020)


Total Storage Capacity In Tanks – 4.75 Million Gallons
Combined Water Well Production Summer 2021 – 2.8 Million Gallons Per Day (18 hours per day safe operation)
Treated Surface Water Via Upper Trinity Regional Water District -2.5 Million Gallons Per Day
Combined Well & Surface Water Production – 5.3 Million Gallons Per Day
Conservative Yield Combined Emergency Well & Surface Water Production Capability – 6.2 Million Gallons Per Day

Looking Ahead – In planning for the future, Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation has now updated its Master Plan through the year 2040. Existing facilities along with recent capital improvement additions will allow system expansion to 4,600 connections. A second elevated water tower is in service on our Stargate site to meet the water requirements of our current customer base and committed development. Additional water facilities will be added as further development occurs throughout the area. Cross Timbers Water’s Board of Directors and Management continue to monitor the growth rate on an annual basis to ensure the system facilities are well maintained, operating properly, and available to provide for continuous and adequate water service. Master Plans are updated every five years to validate the Corporation stays on target with the needs of its members and customers.