F. A. Q. – Water Leaks

How are leaks scheduled for repairs?

Leak repairs are prioritized based on many factors including severity of the leak, impacts to public safety and/or the environment, probability of property damage, unsafe traffic conditions, or other issues specific to the situation. Large leaks causing water outage and those that might impact public safety / environment or cause property damage are typically repaired immediately/ASAP. CTWSC staff responds 24/7 to make emergency repairs. If the leak is small, the repair order is held to allow for notification of customers and other utilities and to schedule the work. As required by statute, locate requests for other utilities that may be in the area of the repair are made by Cross Timbers WSC (CTWSC)

How does CTWSC locate leaks?

Typically, either water will surface to the top of the ground and be noticed and called in by a customer
or a customer may hear water running. Many leaks are discovered by and as CTWSC staff travels our 20+ square mile service are on a daily basis. If unexplained water loss should occur there are other methods of detection available such as electronic or manual sounding devices or leak detection companies.

If my neighbor has a leak on their property, should I call CTWSC to turn off their water?

We suggest you first try and contact your neighbor and inform them about the suspected leak. If you are unable to contact your neighbor by all means please call the CTWSC number.

How late/early does the Cross Timbers WSC work to repair a leak?

The CTWSC responds to emergencies and conducts emergency maintenance twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, including holidays. Non-emergency planned maintenance is usually scheduled during normal business hours. In some cases non-emergency jobs may be able to be done after hours for traffic, business or other considerations.

How long will repairs take?

The majority of pipeline repairs can be completed in 6-8 hours or less. Larger jobs can require more time and sub-contract labor assistance. Once we have started repairs, we will continue until water is turned back on no matter how long it takes.

What number do I call to report a water leak?

Call us at (940) 584-0780. This number is also answered after hours for emergencies by an answering service NOT a machine. Please report all information requested by the operator and your emergency message will be forwarded within minutes.

What is the CTWSC responsibility regarding repairing leaks?

The CTWSC is responsible for the repair of water leaks on the street side of your water service shut off, the water meter and the corporation’s water mains/appurtenances such as valves, fire hydrants, within right of ways, easements, etc. Any other repairs are the responsibility of the customer.

Will my water be turned off when the repair crew works on the water leak?

In some cases it may be necessary to turn off your water while repairs are being performed. CTWSC attempts to notify customers if a shutdown is planned. Since emergencies give no prior notice, we may have to turn off water valves immediately and are then unable to notify customers.